Kenneth: American Gangster, Bleed for This

“Usually when I watch films that are based on a true story, I sometimes get this feeling where I’m like wow! People have really been through that? Of course, it has been adjusted, that’s why they refer to it as based on a true story, but there is a core of truth to it and that really gets me. That’s why American Gangster is my favorite film because it also happened in real-life. Frank Lucas really existed or actually, he is still alive. I also watched this other film it’s called Bleed For This, which is about a boxer who, well yeah, also really did what was portrayed in the film. It works for me, cause it means that so much more is possible than just the fantasies that you can have in your mind” – Kenneth

“You mean to say that these things can also happen in reality?” – Feargal

“Yes, exactly, it doesn’t always have to come from a novel or a science-fiction story. It can also just happen in real-life and the best ideas do come from real-life experiences” – Kenneth

Photo taken by: Feargal Agard

Written by: Feargal Agard

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