Naked (1993): Well yeah, what does this world have to offer?

“A film that I consider to be really good and it is one of my favorite’s, is Naked, directed by Mike Leigh. You do have pay attention when you’re going to download that film, because you could be downloading some naughty films. But I really like this film because it is so a dark and obscure. The main character is very nihilistic and he whines about everything. I can kind of find myself in the critical essence of his character. He keeps asking these questions about life, but eventually he does not find anything positive in anything. I do not fully agree with that part. But basically the whole film is his stream of thoughts and you are so drawn into it. That it makes you think, “Well yeah, what does this world have to offer?”

“What I find a funny way of looking at things, especially since it discusses such a big theme that regards the meaning of life. You can see that in many films but then it is usually presented in a cliche sort of way. The main character in Naked talks about the same subject, but he does this in a very dry and sarcastic manner, which is something that I can relate to. For example; at some point he says, “Do you really believe in god? What do you think? That you’re going to meet him some day? And do you think you can say, “Are you with me because I got a few fundamental questions for ya, you know”. I feel that it’s really harshly placed and therefore it does not come off as a cliche”

“This makes me understand where he’s coming from, even though I do not fully agree with everything, but he passes it on in such a way that is much better making it possible to relate to him.”

Photo taken by Feargal Agard


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