Manufacturing Landscapes: “You could be able to see the beauty in something ugly”.

“There is this beautiful film called Manufacturing Landscapes by Edward Burtynsky his name almost makes me think of the composer. The film shows gorgeous images of extreme environments. For example in China you have huge companies with thousands of workers who have to walk to the factories daily. You see a master shot of one of those factories and the mines are totally emptied out. The film tells about the history behind these environments and how we humans with our cultures changed and shaped the landscape juxtaposed to how nature has shaped the landscapes. Yes, it is aesthetically a beautiful film to see and that is why it is my favorite. I think I saw it five years ago or maybe 4 years ago for the first time”

“I am an artist myself and my works pertain a particular kind of aesthetics. Such as how humans have so much influence over nature and how that actually can create something beautiful, you know. While people actually view that as something negative. For example think of air pollution it can aesthetically have something beautiful to it, or an oil spot in the ocean it can be very beautiful to look at. Or even when you experience a sinking ship it can have something almost sublime to it. This is why I started thinking, wow, super awesome how they portrayed all of this. There are also pictures in the film. If I am correct they are also taken by Edward Burstynsky and he was able to take the world’s mostly expensive photograph ever” – Lotte

“What is the message that you got out of this film?” – Feargal

“Watch and learn a lot from films. I did the same. There is so much beauty and fairness in things that you least expect to find that. A flower bouquet is obvious, we all know that can be beautiful, but is it really beautiful for you? Is it maybe a beautiful looking object, because you grew up to see it as beautiful? Or do you find a gray sky beautiful instead of a blue sky? You could be able to see the beauty in something ugly” – Lotte

Photo taken by Feargal Agard

Story written by Feargal Agard

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