Welcome to Humans of Film Amsterdam!

Everybody knows Humans of New York. A very inspiring streetphotography blog that inspired many to start their own similar ‘Humans of’ blogs. In Amsterdam we even have Humans of Amsterdam.

My name is Feargal Agard and I love film. Even my studies and education pertain film and media. I always wanted to start a blog, but I never knew how or what it specifically should be about. Next to that, I never felt that I had an inspiring story behind my motivations. Brandon Stanton had the goal to take 10.000 photo’s of people in the streets of New York and Debra Barraud of HoA got inspired by HoNY and Humans of Tel Aviv after doing an internship at a peace building organization. I don’t have such an interesting inspiring story. All I can say is that I did a few social media internships and took a few gigs at museums in Amsterdam that pertained social media, film and telling stories that came from Amsterdamians, curators and expositions. Besides that I used to write film reviews for a website whose name I won’t mention for now.

The one thing that did inspire me to not just start a blog that hosts film reviews, but also ‘human film stories’ (as I like to call them). Is that in essence a film reviewer is a person who dictates what you should expect fom an upcoming film. This is why I thought, “why not let theĀ people speak about film?” Films inspire people, but films also reflect everything that we have in daily life. And because people do not have access to see an upcoming film at the distributor’s, I started wondering which past film inspired them or portrayed something similar from their life? A struggle? An event? What did they learn from it? Just anything is welcome. That is why I decided to start Humans of Film Amsterdam as a unique way to approach people to talk about films and the impact that it has on their lives and experiences. This is the place where Humans and Film come together.

Scroll down on my website’s homepage to discover how filmic images impact the lives of people that I encounter on the streets. One story at the time. They share personal film experiences and film related anecdotes.


The Human Stories

You can expect a human film story ever week. They are posted on what ever day I think is best. I feel it is important to give people a voice and allow them to share their experiences and opinions about film in general, in connection to their own lives, but also to film(s) in particular.


The Film Reviews/blogs

The films that will be reviewed are carefully selected from the press film release list provided by the Film Distributors Netherlands (FDN) which is a branche organisation for movie distributors. When it comes to preference my taste entails classic or promising Hollywood films, Art house, European films, World cinema, Sci-Fi, intriguing documentaries, latin American films and anything that can be considered in a way niche. You can expect a film review to be posted bi-weekly or once per week. It varies.



Social Media

You can find the stories and filmreviews on Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Tumblr | Youtube

Youtube: I am still trying to find a purpose for the Humans of Film Amsterdam YouTube channel. You will see videos when the time is ripe.